Singer songwriter from Amsterdam with Frisian roots

Geert Damstra was born in Leeuwarden, capital of the provice Friesland. At the age of 17, he "emigrated" - as he sometimes jokingly said - to Groningen, where he studied Business Administration. After working for years as a financial analyst and controller, he auditioned for the cabaret training Studio Selma Susanna in Amsterdam in April 2016. A time where he first came into contact with a world he had not known before. From Shakespeare plays to Bertold Brecht. This was an important step in his development and a fruitful time during which he was able to search for his own authentic sound.

From nowhere to NOW HERE

In the last year of this course, the director of the cabaret course Selma Susanna advised him one thing. “go meditating more.” During this period he started composing and writing songs. From that moment on, Geert started to delve more deeply into the spiritual world. His own work is inspired by, among others, Leonard Cohen, Benjamin Clementine, Nick Cave, Damien Rice and Radiohead. Despite his love-hate relationship with Friesland, he also started writing in the Frisian language, which he sometimes combines with the Dutch language. Themes that often recur are the urge for freedom, alienation, love for life and the magic of love. In 2023 Geert founded De Orbs. A collaboration with guitarist Fernando Cepeda.

Follow your dreams, your heart and soul

"Let us be guided by the mystical power of music. Let us immerse ourselves in a world where the soul sings and the spirit dances. Let us ascend together to higher realms of understanding and love. Let us connect with the deeper meaning of life. Together up to higher vibrations.”